You can book your 1 to 1 appointment and we can go through few options.

You can send me all details via contact page and I will get back to you with few option to look at.

If you know what components you would like to get simply just place your order through shop page.

From placing order through confirmed payment to finally built pair of wheels it takes 5 to 7 working days, sometimes it takes  longer if some components are out of stock. You will be informed of any longer time of completion the project.

Yes, I can fit tyres and cassette to wheels.

Yes, general cleanning specially after rainy ride with gentle soap and water is highly recommended.

Above general cleanning procedure every hub needs to be serviced at least once in six months time (depends on weather condition and mileage).

You need to inspect rim brake surface regularly, making sure that surface is clean and flat (most rims have indicator for wear).

Also check brake pads ocassionaly if there is nothing trapped inside (sometimes little pieces of aluminium can stuck inside rubber compound causing damage to the rim while braking).

I mainly use Shimano Dura Ace brake pads for aluminium rims and Swiss Stop for both aluminium and carbon rims. Some brands recommend their own brake pads so always follow manufacturer recommendetions. Mavic use their own Exalith brake pads on Alu rims with keronite coating (These brake pads are made by DT SWISS for Mavic) etc.

If you are not sure feel free to ask me.

Yes. I can ship internationally but you need to contact me prior to build.

Wheels built on Shimano hubs come with shimano skewers. Most of other hubs do not come with skewers. It’s down to individual customer choice so it is left up to you what skewers you would like to get for your new wheels. World of skewers is very rich in products.