Why bespoke wheel ?

Wheel is the second most important component after frame and fork.

It plays crucial role in how bicycle performs in many diferent situations, various terrain and discipline you do ride and in harshest weather conditions.

All main parts of the bike, frame, fork and of course wheels define your  whole bike experience.

We live in 21st century where we have huge choice of factory wheels built by big brands, but also we live

in fantastic times where we have wide range of premium quality wheel components to choose from without loosing any performance of factory wheels.

Having that variety of exeptional quality parts allow you to pick your own most desirable set of hubs, rims and spokes and get them

built in to beautiful set of wheels with personalized stylish look.

Treat yourself and keep on cycling on new set of wheels tailored to your need.”


  • You can choose your components quickly by going to shop section on my website.

  • You can reach me via contact form or phone and we can go through components together.

  • You can book your appointment via contact page.


  • All components are gathered and wheel build process gets started.

  • Perfectly tensioned  and pre stressed spokes.

  • Wheels are built and are now ready to be sent to you.


  • Wheels are very carefully wraped in buble wraps.

  • Spare spokes with nipples attached.

  • Nicely packed in cardbord box waiting for courier or customer  collection.


  • Very exciting! Wheels are on their way to you.

  • Your brand new set of wheels delivered to your house.

  • Last thing to do is to fit them on your bike and trully enjoy your new cycling experience.